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Alison D. Nugent, PhD
Assistant Professor 
of Atmospheric Sciences

Photo courtesy of Marena Lin

I am an atmospheric scientist, focusing my research on the following:

(1) how topography impacts the development of clouds and precipitation, and

(2) how aerosols, both large and small, impact the development of clouds and precipitation

My primary interests are linked by a common theme of shallow convection and precipitation development.

My research falls under the category of mountain meteorology, mesoscale meteorolgy, cloud physics, and cloud microphysics.

It has strong implications for short term weather forecasting, long-term climate modeling, but more generally, my research helps us to understand the atmosphere of the world that we live in.

See my abbreviated CV (updated Sept 2021) for

more detail.

Where are we Located?
Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 12.12.53

UH Mānoa Campus is located in an urban multicultural region on the outskirts of Honolulu. We are about 1 mile from Waikiki beach, close to Kapiolani Park, Diamond Head Crater, and Mānoa Falls hiking trail. We are located in the lee of the Ko'olau Mountains on the Island of O'ahu. Most days feature blue skies, puffy white clouds, and temperate weather.  Come for a visit! UH Campus is also an Arboretum, with beautiful tropical plants and flowers.

ATMO Dept. (Photo from Fall 2018)

Group Members


Tianqi Zuo, PhD Student

MS Univ. of Hawaii Manoa

Simulating vog on the Big Island of Hawai'i to see how it may impact clouds and precipitation, and extreme precipitation on Taiwan.

Email: tianqi at


Katie Ackerman,  PhD Student

BS Geology & Geophysics at Univ. of Hawaii Manoa

Quantifying the sea-salt aerosol source along the Oahu coastline by observing sea-salt aerosol size distributions with a drone.

Email: klackerm at


Mya Sears,  Masters Student

BS Meteorology at Univ. of Oklahoma

Addressing flood vulnerability in Halele‘a (Northern Kauai) from numerous angles including river, rain gauge data, and historical meteorological events to understand past and present flood risk and support the community.

Email: msears8 at

Former Group Members

profilepicture (1).JPEG

Aaron (Chung) Taing, Masters Student

BS UC Berkeley in Chemistry

Observing sea-salt aerosol size distributions:

Email: ctaing at

Graduated Spring 2020

Kristin ButtMasters Student

BS US Air Force Academy

Analyzing cloud microphysical measurements from the CSET (Cloud System Evolution in the Trades) field campaign to understand the transition from stratocumulus to cumulus topped boundary layers.

Email: knbutt at

Graduated Summer 2019

Gavin Shigesato, Masters Student

BS Univ. of Hawaii at Manoa

RA working jointly with the Honolulu National Weather Service

Working to understand the orographic impacts on rainfall from Hurricane Lane (2018) using operational radar data.


Email: gtshige at

Graduated Summer 2019

David DeCouMasters Student

BS Valparaiso University

Department TA for ATMO 101 Lab

Working on a kite-based measurement project to observe temperature and humidity fluctuations coming in with the trade-wind flow. 

Email: ddecou at

Graduated Summer 2018

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