Postdoctoral Scholars

An ongoing opportunity exists for a 1 year postdoc.  Please contact Dr. Nugent!

In addition, if you want to write a proposal together so that you can join the group, please email Dr. Nugent directly. Information about developed research projects are under the "Research Projects" page, but future and developing projects may not be so please email Dr. Nugent for up to date information.

Graduate Students

Ongoing opportunities exist for graduate students at University of Hawai'i.  Students with backgrounds in Physics, Mathematics, Atmospheric Sciences, Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, Geosciences, and related fields are encouraged to apply.  In addition, if you are interested in graduate study in mountain meteorology or cloud physics, please contact Dr. Nugent directly to talk about opportunities.

Undergraduate Students

Opportunities for undergraduate students are always available. If you would like to gain experience in scientific research, learn about running a model, or collecting atmospheric observations, stop by or email Dr. Nugent. The research group has a range of projects available from paid summer work, semester long independent research projects, to senior theses.  The research in this group is highly interdisciplinary and Dr. Nugent is excited to support students across a number of related fields and departments.

Contact Info:
Dr. Alison D. Nugent
Asst. Professor of Atmospheric Science
University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Office: HIG 333
Email: anugent (at) hawaii (dot) edu
Phone: 808 - 956 - 2878

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