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808 Weather with Cruz & Nuge web series:


News Appearances / Video

(Links old to new)

3/14/18: Open Educational Resources

Pedagogical Innovation Panel

6/20/18: KITV Interview Sky color and Kilauea

8/23/18: KTVU Bay Area on Hurricane Lane

8/24/18: Hurricane Lane with Justin Cruz at KHON2

Full Footage 12:17 - 4:17 pm

Full Footage 3:44 - 5 pm

Green Screen 5:59 - 6:03 pm

Comments about above appearance on the KHON2 facebook page

8/27/18: KHON2 Hurricane Lane Recap with Kelly Simek

9/5/18: KHON2 Surprises me in my classroom!

9/9/18: KHON2 Hurricane Olivia First Looks

KHON2 Facebook Live


KHON2 Tropical Storm Olivia approach

KHON2 TS Olivia and HurricaneFlorence

KHON2 Which way to point?

9/12/18: Power 104.3 Hip Hop Radio Station

(for entertainment purposes only)

9/12/18: KHON2 Tropical Storm Olivia Recap

10/11/18: CNN Mainsail: The Role of Weather in Sailing

4/22/21: Hawaii Public Radio: Cloud Speak, What are Cloud's Saying?

6/16/21: Surviving a Storm Special

7/12/21: KHON2 Fire Weather Story

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 9.51.18 PM.png

Written Articles

(Links old to new)

7/28/17: Quartz Article on Research

3/14/18: OER and Pedagogical Innovation

8/24/18: New York Times Article on Hurricane Lane

8/28/18: UHawaii Article on Hurricane Lane


9/7/18: Star Advertiser Interview, Name in the News Column


(Links old to new)

Oct 2017: Featured in Kazoo Magazine


Sept. 2018: UH Athletics Professor of the Week!

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